The Longhouse represents the elegant union of contemporary architecture and timeless craftsmanship. Merging interior with exterior and affording bay and ocean views, this 2,800 s.f. residence is a unique addition to the community fabric. The location provides an exciting relationship between land and water - both ocean and street played large roles in determining the public to private orientation of interior forms. The front facade acts as a barrier to the streetscape, sculpting views of the adjacent neighborhood and sheltering the interior. Once inside, the house begins to unfold - a central volume of lyptus wood is carved away to reveal the lower spaces. The house opens to become one unified space: kitchen, living, and dining join to form the public sector of the first floor. Glass walls activate the exterior living and dining space, drawing the outside in.

The house abounds with carefully designed spaces, rich surfaces, finely-crafted cabinetry and intricate built-in furnishings. A reverence for detail is shown throughout each space; every passage is ceremonial and every material conveys a sense of intimacy. Hand-crafted by local artisans, the cabinetry and furniture were designed as a seamless extension of the architecture. The palette of materials selected for the house is a careful composition of warmth, texture and strength. Throughout the course of the day, the house transforms with the movement of nature, welcoming light, western winds and the scent of the ocean. Light and shadow play across expansive walls and penetrate the skylights. The interior program allows for softly-lit areas of reprieve and spaces which celebrate a union with the exterior. Each room is a generous space in which to engage both the external rhythms of nature and the ritual movements of the inhabitants.